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Catherine Holland – Breastfeeding Expert (and all round birth expert!)

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When we think about giving birth, we imagine that we are thinking about the baby that is due to be born. But actually we are associating the feelings from our own birth with the one of our child who is about to arrive.
Exploring our feelings perhaps using Rebirthing breathwork, is extremely useful for expectant parents – the dads especially, you were born too, and that feeling you have when your lover is about to give birth relates directly back to when you were born. How did it go? How did you feel? How did everyone feel around you when you were being born? That’s how you will feel when she is giving birth, and you can help yourself to have a much more enjoyable time if you work through your feelings about how you arrived, and don’t carry it with you to your children’s births. You can be more supportive to your woman, you can be more present, you can be more relaxed and enjoy the experience instead of worrying and dreading it. Avoid that feeling of impending doom!

Everyone has been born, as my rebirthers used to say, that includes everyone with a belly button.
So although our perspective as a baby of either gender comes mainly through our mother, it was her feelings we imbued in the womb about life, birth and her relationship with our father, our later perspectives as an adult dealing with the birth of our children of course take on a different perspective, depending on whether we are the woman going into labour or a man supporting his lover.

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